SLX has created the best herb grinder ever designed

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  • Patented ceramic non-stick coating that practically cleans itself
  • 55 razor sharp teeth made from aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Unique threadless Screen Section for maximum pollen collection

Don't take our word for it:

"This unit never sticks, and the teeth are designed for the perfect grind, delivering loose and light herb." - High Times, Hot Products & Gear of 2017

"The SLX is a down and dirty piece that never needs cleaning." - High Snobiety

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SLX grinder

The SLX ceramic coated grinder is the best that I have ever used!! Try it you'll like it.

This grinder rules

I received the SLX grinder and my life has improved dramatically, due to better mull efficiency. Love well and well worth the investment.

Best grinder ever

This thing never cakes up. It's always smooth and easy to use and the screen hasn't bent at all after a year of use.